The Magic of LoveThe Magic of Love

I wish for: The Magic of Love


A helpless, bald baby bird is found in a flower bed, and from that moment on, the bird and its rescuers' lives would magically change.


Wed, 03/06/2024
Find Happiness—Treat Yourself to Hurkle-DurkleFind Happiness—Treat Yourself to Hurkle-Durkle

I wish for: Find Happiness—Treat Yourself to Hurkle-Durkle


We show our love by doing things for others, giving our time, or being there when someone needs us. But much of the time, we leave doing for…

Mon, 01/22/2024
This child's emotional intelligenceThis child's emotional intelligence

I wish for: This child's emotional intelligence


This video hit me straight in the heart. If this little one knows how we should treat each other and can state it so simply, what's wrong with the…

Thu, 10/26/2023
Wishing Well

I wish for: Politicians take a lesson from this dog


I wish someone in Congress had this peacemaker dog's courage to step in and put a stop to the ongoing quarreling and backbiting. It's no doubt…

Thu, 09/28/2023
Sunflowers and smilesSunflowers and smiles

I wish for: Sunflowers and smiles


I think of sunflowers as the happy face flower because they always make me smile. So, when I saw this spectacular video of a trail bordered by 250…

Sat, 09/09/2023
Valuing yourselfValuing yourself

I wish for: Valuing yourself


Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer. – Louise Hay

How cool is that! You, yes you, have exactly what someone is…

Sun, 05/07/2023
Happy Harvesters volunteersHappy Harvesters volunteers

I wish for: Happy Harvesters volunteers


Youtropolis has formed an alliance with Happy Harvesters, a grassroots movement that gleans produce from neighborhood backyard trees and donates…

Wed, 04/05/2023
Wishing Well

I wish for: Learning how worms get in my pond


I wish I knew why my pond gathers worms every time it rains. There are three, four, five, or more worms wiggling in my pond, and I can't figure…

Wed, 01/04/2023
Good cheer!Good cheer!

I wish for: Good cheer!


It’s that time of year with New Year parties filled with good cheer. So from me to you, a wish for good tidings and a magical new year.


Sat, 12/31/2022
My best selfMy best self

I wish for: My best self


I wish for us to experience more calm, peace, and kindness toward ourselves and toward all others. This includes having goodwill toward those who…

Wed, 12/21/2022