The Magic of Love

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Wishing Well

A helpless, bald baby bird is found in a flower bed, and from that moment on, the bird and its rescuers' lives would magically change.

I wish people could fathom the power and joy that giving love and getting love has on all creatures. Having an open heart opens our minds and allows love to enter and change us for the better. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.


This is one of the sweetest stories I’ve seen.


I agree. That couple couldn't contain their joy and love for Iris; they expressed it over and over. So glad you enjoyed this too!


I'm so glad you felt much the same as I did. It was so moving to hear the joy in the hearts of the "new parents."

Thank you!

Wilsons Grave

This story's my kind of story. It shows how easily joy can find us. A new Mercedes couldn't have made this couple as happy. They feel needed now. I'm happy for them, and happy you posted this wish. Thanks.


Thanks, and you're so right; a Mercedes couldn't have brought the love that Iris did. I'm glad you liked the story.

Well Street

The bird was so small when they found it that it seemed it could have easily been missed.
There was no better yard for Iris to wind up in than that of a couple whose hearts were primed for care and love.


Yep, that bird fell into the right hands and found two people who were filled with more love than they knew they had. So glad you enjoyed it!


Great story! I wish I could have kept her! So adorable!


I'm glad you enjoyed it. I loved hearing the joy that filled their house after Iris arrived.

Thank you!


I loved this story. It's like this couple is in love again (albeit with a bird) and can't get enough of it.


I agree 100%; their hearts were so full of love they couldn't contain their joy. So glad it made you feel good!

Present Valley

Ohhh my goodness. While I am late to watching Iris...watching and hearing their well as Iris doing her bird heart simply melted at this love story. Thank you for sharing this.

Who knew humans could be surrogate parents to a bird! Julie and John were extraordinary people to open their hearts and beautiful home to the care and raising of Iris.

I'll join you in your wish that more people could fathom the power and joy that giving and getting love has on all creatures.


Watching this, my heart felt so full of joy for this couple. They were filled with love and a new excitement for life. They were joyful and Iris was joyful; a perfect union. Thanks for your kind comment.