Less want. More have.

Weconomics: grassroots fortune-making for all.

Liberation always happens from the bottom up. Today, social engagement and collaboration drive change.

That's why we've created a game-changing economy that disrupts the world of haves and have nots.

The Youtropolis Weconomy adds the "we" back into the economy, and gives everyone new opportunities to build their economic might.

Discover how by mousing over these images:

The Weconomy thrives on love, not bottom lines.

Simply put, if you want to build a real fortune in the Weconomy, all you have to do is accept love and give it back to others.
The Weconomy rewards engagement, not corruption.

In other words, you don’t need to risk other people’s money to thrive in the Weconomy. All it takes is a desire to engage and have fun.
The Weconomy is all about global connections, not global competition.

That’s why in our Weconomy you’ll boost your “you-factor” and increase social interactions to promote your prosperity.
The Weconomy entertains and gives you a leg up in life, not a boot out.

Life should be fun and rewarding for everyone. So we’ve applied enough game theory to challenge you as you master your powers to be a true liberator.
The Weconomy is fueled by human passions, not reckless profits.

If you're passionate about creating a happier life for yourself and others, get ready to build your tribe around your heart's desires. Then jump into action and enjoy some peace of mind.
The Weconomy supports individual growth, not unrestrained, unsustainable growth.

This means you can climb your ladder of success just for the asking. Form your coalition, beat your drum, forge a new destiny, and change your world.
Our Weconomy will open doors of good fortune to you, not just to a wealthy few. That’s our vision.

Translated, we're leveling the playing field. So jump in, get disruptive, and start seeding a new kind of social economy – a "weconomy" that's powered by you.

Youtropolis Call to Action

Let's cherish the gifts of freedom, peace, and good fortune entitled to all.

Let's respect and uphold the law of nature, and pledge to care for each other
across distinctions of gender, race, religion, and nation.