A digitally-powered city.
A socially-powered safety net.

A new kind of city.

Youtropolis is the earth’s next-gen city, built with love and goodwill instead of with brick and mortar.

We're founded on the premise that within each of us stirs a quiet empire eager to rise. Our socially-powered safety net crowdsources the best in everyone. We plan to tear down every barrier to success and offer you opportunities and challenges designed to help you to rise into your own magnificence.

We believe that doing good for each other is the only way into our collective future. So, if you have goodness to offer up, please join us and build with us. We'll help you grow your own land of opportunity so that you, too, may change the world.

What’s the liberation all about?

It’s about you. It’s your liberation: to be you and live up to your best self; to own yourself and move mountains if they are in your way; to turn over a bright new leaf again and again; to reach for the stars and make your own special magic to share with the world; to build your personal empire, and march to the beat of your own free will; to pursue your own kind of happiness, here and now.

Is Youtropolis a real city?

Yes, absolutely. If real cities are designed to be social safe havens for personal freedom, human development, and prosperous growth, we are as real as cities get. Liberation is much more than a civic ideal, it's the bedrock that enables people everywhere to rise from their deepest calling to their highest destiny. Our aim is to build on that foundation and offer you more opportunities, deeper friendships, and more happiness than any other city on the planet today. Read our .

What does it cost?

Youtropolis is absolutely free to all. Just register and start building your very own land of opportunity.

How can I prosper on Youtropolis?

How do you define prosperity? More freedom? More security? A better education? Less debt? Traveling the world? More time off? More meaningful relationships?

We've learned there are a few simple, sensible rules prosperous people live by that lead them to success. We transformed those rules into fun, ongoing activities that can promote your happiness and well-being. Prosperity is everyone's birthright. The goal is yours to pursue.

How can I build my business on Youtropolis?

We welcome business owners with open arms in the spirit of rekindling a prosperous, people-centered business marketplace, free from unfair conglomerate business practices.

When you sign up, you'll discover enterprising ways to engage potential customers. By participating in our City Districts, you'll increase your visibility or even gain business notoriety; through Tribal Wave polling, you'll get insights into future customers to earn their loyalty; and soon, we'll be opening Main Street as a unique business landmark for businesses that want more community engagement–so stay tuned.

What makes Youtropolis unique?

We offer a digital urban lifestyle that gives you a leg up and is full of adventure, challenges, and rewards. In fact, it’s so fun that people ask if Youtropolis is a game. It's not, but if life is a game, Youtropolis is how to win at it.

What’s Youtropolis’ mission?

We'll liberate each other from barriers and mindsets that divide us, separate us, hold us back, or push us down. In our communities, we'll uplift each other and keep each other safe.

We aim to inspire a cultural sea change that liberates people from despair and inequity and lifts them into love and prosperity.

What inspired Youtropolis?

Love. Love for humanity. Love for liberty. Love for happiness. Love for human potential, dignity, and worth.

Youtropolis Call to Action

Let's cherish the gifts of freedom, peace, and good fortune entitled to all.

Let's respect and uphold the law of nature, and pledge to care for each other
across distinctions of gender, race, religion, and nation.