Sunflowers and smiles

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Wishing Well

I think of sunflowers as the happy face flower because they always make me smile. So, when I saw this spectacular video of a trail bordered by 250,000 sunflowers in Scotland and read about it, I was so uplifted I had to share it.

It also brought to mind Present Valley. I imagine this is what it might look like. My friend, Victoria, who founded Present Valley has on many occasions sent a bouquet of sunflowers to our home "just because." She is currently recovering from Covid, and I wish for her speedy recovery. I hope this video uplifts her too.

Well Street

I know my spirits would feel brightened strolling through that field.

I, too, wish Victoria a fast recovery.

Present Valley

Ahhhh thank you so much for this kind and thoughtful and supportive post.
Yes the sunflower field I have in my mind's eye looks just like this. I've seen sunflower fields in McMinnville, Oregon, Maui and now in Scotland... my eyes and heart are very happy.
This video is a keeper!!!
And I hope you can imagine me smiling because that is exactly what I did.
You are a treasure.


I'm so happy you liked it. I was so taken by the video, I could actually feel my heart swell, and it wasn't indigestion 😀

Feel better soon!