Valuing yourself

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Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer. – Louise Hay

How cool is that! You, yes you, have exactly what someone is looking for somewhere. Your talent, skill, abilities, and gifts are valuable assets and very much in demand these days. Are you taking this in or are you being a naysayer; “I don’t have talent, I don’t have skills, and I certainly don’t have gifts.”

Well, you’re wrong, totally wrong. Even if you aren’t an artist, a doctor, a plumber, a carpenter, an accountant, or “fill in the blank,” you have gifts and abilities that are just as valuable and are as needed as a paintbrush, stethoscope, hammer, wrench or computer.

Your ability to speak just the right words can bring a lonely relative or neighbor comfort, or your gift of listening can ease the pain of a grief-stricken friend. Even just holding the door open for someone who has their arms full can bring a smile of gratitude from a complete stranger.

So it is true, somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer. Believe that you do, indeed, have talent, abilities, and gifts, and be open to opportunities to give them, and you’ll soon see that you and many others will benefit greatly.

Well Street

It's a real drag when doubt and uncertainty about our value and abilities to contribute creep in and fester.

Thank you for this reminder that we don't have to have a university degree or a title to make a difference—just an open heart and mind.


So true. And no matter at what stage of life you're in. If anyone wants to see a heartwarming example of this, watch the movie A Man Named Otto.