Politicians take a lesson from this dog

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Wishing Well

I wish someone in Congress had this peacemaker dog's courage to step in and put a stop to the ongoing quarreling and backbiting. It's no doubt risky, but well worth the peaceful outcome.

Well Street

Only by seeing this can I believe it happened—Incredible!!

Maybe sending the dog to Washington to deal with Congress is the way to get some things done.


Pretty amazing for sure. The dog was calm but authoritative; just what DC needs.


The dog's courage was amazing. Sadly, that character trait has long been missing on Capitol Hill.


This was a super scary video to watch. I was so scared for that dog. But what was the dog doing in the pen to begin with?


I was wondering why he was in the cage too. But for whatever reason, he definitely took charge and calmed down the situation. Amazing it was caught on camera.


It is odd that the dog was in the cage. I'm just happy that it was safe.


The next GOP speaker will need his services


I think you're right!