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May All Good Wishes Come TrueMay All Good Wishes Come True

Pledge: May All Good Wishes Come True


I’ve never been a religious person, despite being conceived in “Concepción” (a city in Chile named for the Immaculate Conception), then born in “…

Sun, 12/24/2023
I Can't Make You Love MeI Can't Make You Love Me

Pledge: I Can't Make You Love Me


At the age of 19, after becoming bored with Los Angeles City College, I went on an extended journey with my brother, visiting our parents in Rio…

Sun, 12/17/2023
Crossing The BarCrossing The Bar

Pledge: Crossing The Bar


Last night on YouTube, I was watching a medical doctor describe her own deadly kayaking accident, detailing the death she experienced before…

Sun, 11/19/2023

Pledge: Songbird


Watching television this weekend has made me feel like I’m living in parallel universes.

In one universe, there’s a cacophony of holiday…

Sun, 11/12/2023
Prayer Of The ChildrenPrayer Of The Children

Pledge: Prayer Of The Children


As part of my “Listening For Peace” music series, last week’s pledge spoke of our innate need for peace and comfort in the terrifying absence of…

Sun, 11/05/2023
In The Arms Of An AngelIn The Arms Of An Angel

Pledge: In The Arms Of An Angel


In last Sunday’s pledge, Listening for Peace, I pledged to share a piece of music every Sunday through the end of the holiday season. Some pieces…

Sun, 10/29/2023
Listening For PeaceListening For Peace

Pledge: Listening For Peace


When Youtropolis was conceived, we envisioned a new land of opportunity with its own social safety net where people could help other people feel a…

Sun, 10/22/2023
Ignore. Move on. Remember. You. Love.Ignore. Move on. Remember. You. Love.

Pledge: Ignore. Move on. Remember. You. Love.


This advice from Anne Rice works beautifully as a pledge we can each make so that our lives, and the lives of those around us, are as full and…

Sun, 09/24/2023
10 Truths We All Share in Common10 Truths We All Share in Common

Pledge: 10 Truths We All Share in Common


As we head toward another divisive election cycle, I’m wondering if anyone is fed up yet. I am.

Like the Twin Towers burning to the ground…

Fri, 09/15/2023
Love is everywhereLove is everywhere

Pledge: Love is everywhere


While making my lunch the other day, I reached into the tortilla chip bag and pulled out this perfect heart-shaped chip. How amazing is that! It…

Mon, 04/10/2023
Putting my best self forwardPutting my best self forward

Pledge: Putting my best self forward


I pledge to give my best self to myself, my family, my friends, and those I may not know. Asking myself, am I being my best self right now, and if…

Wed, 12/21/2022
Appreciate the momentAppreciate the moment

Pledge: Appreciate the moment


I pledge to pay attention to the moment. Too often I find my mind re-hashing things from the past; woulda, shoulda, coulda. Or jumping to…

Fri, 08/19/2022