In The Arms Of An Angel

In last Sunday’s pledge, Listening for Peace, I pledged to share a piece of music every Sunday through the end of the holiday season. Some pieces will be familiar to you, others may not, but all of them have a rare beauty that echoes the kind of comfort and love that comes straight from the heavens.

In tandem with comfort and love, we all deserve peace and prosperity—and this truth has been made clear through the protests we are witnessing around the world: there can be no exceptions.

Today, I chose Sarah McLachlan’s “In the arms of an angel” because it speaks to our innate need for peace and comfort in the terrifying absence of love.

Present Valley

Thank you for choosing one of my very favorite songs for this Sunday's listening pleasure. From the very first time I heard it...through this time...I wept.

It doesn't matter why...the haunting music, her voice, the words or a memory of a time when I found peace when I was held briefly in the arms of an angel.

I am grateful for the way you show up as one of our "earth" angels reminding us that peace and love exist in the midst of the horrible events occurring in our world.


I agree. The song captures the heart and touches deeply, likely because it speaks to the peace we all seek when we're in a rough place--as so many people are during this time.

Thank you for always speaking so kindly to my heart. Your words also touch very deeply. ❤️


This is a song you never forget.



Sarah's song is heavenly. Always was and always will be.

I'm contributing the Unicef World Version of John Lennon's Imagine. It's truly a song from the Universe to all of us. The images also caught my heart. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


That was beautiful! Thank you for adding it.❤️



Thank you for listening and commenting🙏🏻

Well Street

Both songs serve as reminders to acknowledge and give thanks for the love and peace we have in our lives and to open ourselves to opportunities to share them.

Thank you for posting.


There is so much need and opportunity today--everywhere. We don't need to cross an ocean to help someone because the need is next door, across the street, or even in our own home.


Wow, this song gave me goose bumps as I listened to it. So so beautiful! What an amazing voice and the words, so comforting. Thank you!


I'm glad it resonated and moved you. I agree with all you said.