Younited Front Pledge

Watching television this weekend has made me feel like I’m living in parallel universes.

In one universe, there’s a cacophony of holiday commercials filled with families enjoying resplendent festivities complete with elves and flying reindeer, matching plaid pajamas, and joyful imbibing. In the other, there’s a diabolical holocaust trapped under peaceless skies fraught with flying missiles hurtling toward families praying to heaven. Collateral damage, the leaders say. Here, I can’t take my eyes off the man outside a hospital on his knees, wailing and pounding his fists into the pavement, begging for the nightmare to end. One universe seems to be unaware of the other. Or, there is pure detachment.

I can’t help but think that we have it all wrong. What if our sacred cows aren’t sacred after all? What if all those things we hold near and dear, like political parties, religions, and deep pockets are false gods? And what if those things the world revolves around, like capitalism, artificial intelligence, crypto, medals of honor, and missiles are fool’s gold? What if, when we meet our maker, the only thing that truly matters turns out to be something genuine and sincere like love? What if that’s the only thing that counts when your life is measured? What would your score card look like?

This Sunday, in my ongoing pledge “Listening For Peace,” I’m choosing to share my favorite rendition of “Songbird” (sung here by Eva Cassidy) and written by Christine McVie. According to McVie, the song came into her head at 3:30 in the morning as if she was being visited by someone, or something. Whatever it was, it carried a message of love into the world. She said it was not written for any one person, but was universal and written for anyone and everyone.

Genuine love brings peace into our hearts. Telling people we love them brings peace. Sharing your heart through acts of kindness and generosity brings peace. Believing you are loved—and worthy of love—brings peace. Being in tune with the invisible love surrounding and speaking to you also brings peace. Acting on these truths will fill you with peace. When we all have peace, the world will finally have peace. It’s that simple, if only people will believe it.


We're surrounded by fools gold and false gods. They must be ignored and cast aside so Truth can be discovered. Love is the genuine Truth.

Songbird is such a beautiful creation. Thanks for posting Eva Cassidy's magical rendition.


Sadly, Eva Cassidy lived too short a life.

Present Valley

Listening to one of my favorite songbirds with a heavy heart this morning.
Again one of those haunting melodies which alone makes me weep.
Surprisingly I do find peace in this moment remembering those I love as well as those who love me.
Thank you for reminding us what is real🧡


Thanks for your comment. Remembering and appreciating those we love is an act of love toward ourselves. Love always heals us. I hope you will be lifted from your heavy heart.

Well Street

I can relate to how you feel when witnessing the diametrically opposing universes we're living in.

Thank you for this amazing song—I'd not heard this version before. And thank you for the reminder of what's whole and true—extending love toward ourselves and others.


Love reminds us that we don't need a revolution, we need an evolution of ourselves--a collective mass action of courage to love and nurture others, despite our worldly differences.


My contribution to your pledge this week is a beautiful Gaelic blessing of peace to one and all.


I love this. It's so beautiful, both in lyric and performance. Thanks for posting it!