Listening For Peace

When Youtropolis was conceived, we envisioned a new land of opportunity with its own social safety net where people could help other people feel a little more at peace in life and be valued in return.

We recognized that government-run social programs were trending toward the chopping block. But even at their best, they miss the mark. They help a minority of people financially, but they can’t shoulder a person’s pain or restore one’s faith in theirself.

Our safety net is powered by love, not dollars and cents. This gives each of us an opportunity to fill the gap by bringing peace and comfort to others in any way we can—by offering a helpful neighborly hand, reducing someone’s negative self-perceptions and self-doubts, or giving them the love and encouragement they seek and deserve.

Everyone needs to feel heard and included. Youtropolis social interactions not only bring people closer together, they have the power to heal communities and promote dignity.

As societies around the globe sow dissent and divisiveness instead of dignity and well-being, the loss of peace increasingly buries women, men, and children under the rubble of war.

Wars happen when economies fail, and it’s obvious the global economy has failed most people. At best, it’s a dog chasing its own tail, creating a perpetual crisis of indignity and poor health where the cream of the crop class enjoys the privilege of further squeezing and grinding down the working class.

Unlike the inhumane drivers of the global economy, Youtropolis offers an opportunity to give love and get love so that people from all walks of life can be embraced and sustained in a way of life that honors their Creator.

Today, I am pledging to uplift my tribe every Sunday through the end of the holiday season with a special piece of music that has brought me contentment and peace or has advocated for peace. “Listening for Peace” will include pieces of music from different countries, cultures, and periods in history.

Today’s piece is “Hayo, Haya” sung by Peter, Paul, & Mary, from their Holiday Celebration album.

I hope you join me in my pledge by listening and sharing your own comments about the music, or suggesting titles for your own peace-inducing or stress reducing tunes.


Great article! And thank you for the beautiful music!


Thank you for listening!


Beautiful piece. I'm looking for peaceful and stress-reducing tunes to share.


Looking forward to it!

Present Valley

What a brilliant gift you are giving us this holiday season. A perfect time to begin. Thank you.
Nice to listen to with my eyes closed or as background while I'm doing tedious paperwork to soften the edges.
Your article is so timely as well.


Thank you. Sorry about your tedious paperwork, but I'm happy the music can soften the edges.

Well Street

Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

Looking forward to the coming musical offerings.

Well Street

And, as always, I feel grateful for our Youtropolis tribe.


I second that emotion!


This piece is so beautiful, it gives me chills...


Thanks for sharing this heavenly piece of music. If an angel didn't compose it, it surely inspired it.