Love is everywhere

While making my lunch the other day, I reached into the tortilla chip bag and pulled out this perfect heart-shaped chip. How amazing is that! It reminded me that expressions of love come from all sorts of places.

It can be a song you hear just at the right time, a timely phone call from a friend, or kind words from a stranger. The universe’s love manifests in many astonishing ways and unexpected circumstances.

So that I might continue to receive these wonderful gifts that I so appreciate, I pledge to keep my eyes, ears, and heart open and acknowledge that love is, indeed, everywhere.

I'd appreciate hearing about your “Love is everywhere” experiences.


♥️ I see hearts often in nature, especially when traveling


Heart sightings while on vacation; what a love confirmation that is ❣️

Well Street

I'll join you in your pledge and maybe have some heart sightings of my own to share.


I'll look forward to your sharing 😍