Rare Reebok Pullover Shirt and Sweat Pants


The gym that I used to work for had a brief partnership with Reebok, and they gifted some of the top performing trainers with “swag” packages that included, shoes, jackets, shirts, and sweat pants.
This outfit reminds me of the good times that I had with the gym, the relationships that I’d built, the education I appreciated receiving, and the hard work that I put forth.
The reason I’m putting it on the Recycle Bin is two-fold:
• When an item has positive feelings and emotions attached to it, I like to think that when that item is passed on to someone else, those kind and positive feelings are passed on as well.
• I’ve lost weight since receiving this shirt and sweat pants, and I’m sure that they’ll look better on someone who wears a size Large.

The pants are light khaki green, and the long sleeve pullover shirt is a shade of off-white, and it’s the only Reebok item that I’ve seen with the half British flag and “R” emblem.