Tom Dailey

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United States


Member Construction Crew

Language(s) I speak

American English

My heroes

My Moms

I love

making people laugh; seeing people achieve things they didn't know they were capable of.

My blessings

Fantastic family and friends; a unique sense of humor, great health and appreciation for the little things.

Tom Dailey

A miracle I would perform if I could

A release of the negative and limiting self-perceptions that we carry. Judgments toward ourselves and others will be left behind and replaced with openness and compassion.

What I need most

To have a positive impact in people's lives and to view myself through the same lens as those who love and respect me.

What I have to give

A shoulder to lean on, empathy, fitness/wellness knowledge, and friendship.

What liberates me

The feeling that I'm on the right path and making a difference.

One of my proudest achievements so far

Helping people achieve their goals, develop new capabilities, and boost their self-appreciation.