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What do you know?

Maybe you're not a teacher. But who hasn't
learned something worth sharing, even if it's
just a "lesson learned”?

Sharing knowledge brightens the world.
What you know and share might liberate
another, break down cultural barriers,
increase tolerance, or simply bring hope
and happiness.

Share what you love: an inspiring video,
a lecture, a tutorial, personal insights,
or life stories. But if you're a school teacher
or university professor, post what you love to
teach. Either way, the world will be better for it.
Walking the Labyrinth
Wed, 06/19/2024

Walking the Labyrinth

It was one of those spontaneous days when everything was aligned to allow me the opportunity to drive up the hill to Rancho Palos Verdes and spend…

The Inner Citadel or Little Realm of Your Own
Wed, 05/17/2023

The Inner Citadel or Little Realm of Your Own

To a librarian the term “inner citadel” could mean a few different things. It could be what I like to call the inner sanctum of the library—a…