An eight-year-old starts a business with $12

An eight-year-old starts a business with $12

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Eight-year-old Aaron Moreno and his family were hit hard by the pandemic. His mom lost her job and had to move Aaron and two other family members into a tiny shed in East Los Angeles.

Aaron had an idea of starting his own plant business so his mother gave him her last $12 to invest in a few succulents. Aaron quickly sold those plants for a profit and bought more plants with his earnings which led to the creation of Aaron’s Gardens.

Read how Aaron’s business success helped get his family out of the shed and into a new apartment. Aaron is proof that "where there's a will, there's a way."

What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing.

I was really impressed with his determination and optimism. He'll do well and go far. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about him.

by Evangel

It's sad to think that any family should have to live in a shed, or that the 8-year-old son would have to start a business to support his family. Nevertheless, it's a lesson in faith that "where there's a will there's a way," and this boy is proof of that maxim. May he continue to succeed and fulfill his dreams.

No one should have to live that way. Turning those lemons into lemonade was truly amazing especially for one so young.

Anyone with the ingenuity, courage, and faith that serves to lift their family out of poverty is a role model. When it's an eight-year-old doing the lifting, I can only imagine how impactful he can become as he grows older.