Sticks and stones

I’m sure almost everyone has heard the old phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I think we also know that isn’t true. Words do hurt. They not only hurt in the moment but can cause lingering hurt for weeks, months, years, or a lifetime.

When I was 10 years old, my friend Danny told me I couldn’t ride his bike because I was too fat, and I would break it. Well decades later, I still remember Danny’s words. Can you remember a time from long ago when someone hurt you with their words, and, from time to time, you can still hear it ringing in your ears?

On the flip side, when I was 11, my classmate Ray told me he loved me. I thought it was sweet then, and I think it’s sweet now, and it’s something I fondly remember. When I saw Ray at a class reunion, I recalled that time in the schoolyard and gave him a big hug. He probably doesn’t remember saying it, but I remember hearing it. Do you remember something nice someone said to you, and decades later, you’re holding it dear to your heart?

All of us need to remember that our words are important. Our words shape our relationships. What we say and how we say it affects each and every person we come in contact with whether they are close to us or a stranger in the market. Our words have the power to slam someone to the ground or lift them up to the stars. They can even start wars or they can bring peace.

I choose lifting to the stars and bringing peace. Peace to myself, and others, and the world. This is my pledge. Will you join me?

Present Valley

I heartily join you in your pledge.
I too believe in the power of and importance of words. I choose to be mindful of the words I say to or about another person.

This is perfect timing because right now most people in my family, me included, is very upset with a relative.

Since she and I are not speaking, I have decided to pray for her when I have a negative thought about her. I also refrain from joining in or listening to other family members when they speak about her.

Thanks for this very relevant post.


I'm so sorry that in this time of mourning for your brother, "relative" problems have cropped up. Praying and ignoring others' chatter is wise; it takes you out of the mix and allows the Universe to step in to console and heal you. Thanks for your heartfelt comment; I appreciate it.


I love your pledge! A few words to support this…think all you say but don’t say all you think! Keep your words sweet, you may have to eat them some day! 💟☮️


Brilliant and easy to remember, and oh, so true! Thanks so much!


Of course I will support your pledge.

It's been said that people will remember how you made them feel. If you made them feel good, they will remember what you said. If you made them feel bad, they will remember those words, too.
It comes down to how we want to be remembered.

It seems many people can't resist the urge to splurge unkind words or take intentional digs at others. No one may ever call them out, but they will always be remembered as hostile and unkind.


If only people could understand that they'll be remembered for their words, they might be more careful with them. Thanks for commenting.

Well Street

The pain inflicted by sticks and stones may be shorter-lived than the hurt from unkind words.

The sad truth is that our unkind words are most often directed toward ourselves, words we'd never say to someone else.

I'm on board with your pledge to lift others to the stars with my words, and I'll hopefully lift myself in the process.


We'll lift to the stars together; thanks for joining me!


Wow you are so right. Self-talk can be so destructive and limiting at times. 😢

Wilsons Grave

I'll take it, too, and go a step further. The more you have judgmental thoughts about someone else, the sooner's it'll slip out your mouth, even if it's just to a buddy about someone else. Words travel fast. So I'll stop that kind of BS, if I catch myself doing it.


Glad to hear my story inspired you to think before you speak. It's a good habit for everyone. Thanks for your comment and support.