The big payoff

The other night while finishing my Chinese food, I was wondering what was in my future via my fortune cookie. Will I be going on a cruise, or meeting a mysterious stranger, or winning the lottery? Nope, none of the above.

What my fortune cookie delivered was a simple little statement: Kindness leads to happiness. Is that true? Will being kind lead to happiness? The answer is Yes. It’s been proven to me it does.

When I’m in the present moment and not off in my own world, I can see, and act upon, opportunities for extending kindness. My whole being feels uplifted. And, the big payoff is it not only makes me happy, it also makes those on the receiving end happy too; a twofer. How cool is that!

To honor my fortune, I am pledging to be open to kindness opportunities and enjoy the reward of kindness leading to happiness. I’d love to hear about your experience of feeling happiness in delivering kindness.


This is a sweet pledge. But I think you've already fulfilled it. Everything you write in Slipstream is filled with kindness. And as part of your tribe, I know you to be so kind in many giving ways. Maybe the fortune cookie was reminding you to be open to other people's kindness as well as extending kindness to yourself.

Well Street

I agree that it's likely a reminder to be open to other people's acts of kindness for you.

You have the being kind part well handled.


You can never go wrong with kindness!