The simple Truth

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There’s art that hangs over your living room couch, and then there’s art that pokes and provokes our minds. This series from John Holcroft will immediately grab your attention with its harsh truths about today’s society. His simple illustrations scream “Truth.” 


This artist is absolutely a brilliant conceptualist.


I agree. All the images were brilliant.

Well Street

The phenomenon of "Chasing the Like" (illustration #4) especially grabbed me. The dopamine hit and feeling of approval that a Like delivers is intoxicating, yet short-lived, leaving people wanting more.

The image depicts that dysfunctional, drug-like relationship perfectly.


The image of all the people falling off the cliff while looking at their phones was spot on as well. I see kids going home from school eyes glued to their phones. Heads down, shoulders slumped, walking right through the intersection without looking up. It's a miracle more deaths haven't occurred.

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