Quick may be enticing, but you might be sorry...

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You’re online and a new gadget catches your eye. You grab your phone and get all the specs from the supplied QR code. Quick and easy, right? What you may not know is the QR code could be fake, and you just handed the bad guys a whole lot of your personal information. 

It may give them enough to clean out your bank account, charge your credit cards, or steal your identity. Check out this report from CBS News and learn the facts and a few prevention tips.




Wow, so good to know. Thank you for sharing!!!


It's so disappointing that criminals are just waiting in places you least expect it. They are unrelenting and the FBI can't keep pace with their latest schemes.

Technology has a vast shadow side and no guardrails, so I don't think we've even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.

Well Street

It's such a shameful waste of ingenuity when it's used to steal from others and do harm.