Once in a Blue Moon…

News Flash

It’s a phrase most of us have used or heard over the years and is usually combined with a statement of something that doesn’t happen often, such as, “Once in a Blue Moon, my husband gets me flowers.” Or, “Once in a Blue Moon, my wife cooks my favorite fried chicken.” 

But “Once in a Super Blue Moon” isn’t as common to hear or appear. The average time between Super Blue Moons is 10 years and can be up to 20 years. However, tonight, Wednesday, August 30th, 2023, a Super Blue Moon will light up the sky and won’t be seen again until January 2037, so don't miss it! 

And remember to take a photo and post it in your Youtropolis News.

What’s the difference between a Blue Moon and a Super Blue Moon? What time will it appear? Find the answers to these questions and more here.


Thanks for the head’s up. I’ll look for it, but I doubt I’ll see much from my house. I sent the alert to my son who lives in Monterey.


Hi, the article I read said in LA the moon will appear at 7:30 pm PDT and will be at its fullest at 9:36 pm PDT and that's when it officially becomes the Super Blue Moon. Also, Saturn should also be visible near the moon. I can't see it from my neighborhood yet, but I'll be watching until it gets high enough to see it, and hopefully, you can see it too.