Kids push back on hate

News Flash

Recently, a Marin County neighborhood had anti-Semitic flyers land on their doorsteps. Deciding that counter-action was warranted, a small group of kids decided to push back on the hate speech and create their own messages of love and distribute them to the houses that received the original hate-filled flyers. See their story here.



Looks like these precious girls were inspired to overcome evil with good. I hope they remain inspired by their actions and continue on their enlightened path as adults.

Thanks for sharing. It brings hope for the future.


I agree; they do inspire hope.

Well Street

"It felt like I was doing something really good for the world."
Such a wise and loving spirit young Ms. Reid has. I, too, hope the girls remain inspired to take actions for positivity as they get older.


Unlike adults who sit around and find reasons why they can't do anything, these kids immediately took action.

Love and Light

And to be doing this at only 10 years old… how incredible. Love to see kiddos spreading love like this!


No meetings necessary; get the paper and crayons, and let's get busy.