I need my caffeine!

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Does a jolt of caffeine in the morning give you that extra oomph you need to get going? A paper published in the journal Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience says maybe it's not the caffeine. What might it be instead? Find out here


Well Street

Not at all surprising. The rituals we develop affect us in many ways, some obvious and others beneath the surface.

I'd be curious to learn if a habitual coffee drinker who unknowingly consumed decaf would notice a difference in alertness and focus, or develop a headache from not getting their fix.


I drank caffeinated in the morning for many years, then switched to decaf, and I couldn't tell the difference in how I felt. I had no withdrawal headaches or other side effects from ditching the caffeine.

Recently I've switched to a half-regular, half-decaf blend, and still, I feel no difference even though I was initially on alert for any unusual head or body sensations. So, I'm going to agree with the study that, for me, the coffee experience is more powerful than the caffeine.


Interesting study. But does it negate the adrenal impact? Isn't that what triggers the jitters? Sounds like caffeine is still responsible for that, but the coffee ritual adds the more cheerful "ready to tackle the world" factor. I wonder if a tea study would yield similar results.


Maybe you should suggest that experiment as well...