Elegant headpieces for the fashionable cat

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Who would have thought that a mountain of cat fur could turn into the cutest, most clever creations of cat hats, wigs, and various other fashionable headpieces. Read the story and see photos of these adorable cats and their charming accessories here.


I loved the imagination, creativity, skill, and love that went into making these fabulous hats. If I were a judge, I'd give the statue of liberty hat the blue ribbon, but all of them came in a close second—maybe because the cats are all irresistibly cute!


I think I need to get one of these for my Princess Lilli!


Start saving her fur, follow their directions, and you can make your own 😺


I have to make my own? I don't think so!

Well Street

I'm amazed the cats tolerated having these hats put on them, at least long enough for the pictures to be taken.