Youtropolis Support

Toss a coin into the universe

Youtropolis' Universal Wishing Well is a communal landmark that's designed to match your needs with liberators and benefactors who will lend their talents, skills, and resources to help grant your wish. 

Whenever you post a wish, it will be announced in our Heartland and give others an opportunity to fulfill it. 

If you tag your wish with key words, it can be found easily by those searching to fulfill your kind of wish. That's why it's best to post practical wishes that can be fulfilled by others. When you check the setting Universal Wishing Well, your post will be viewed by visitors specifically looking to help fulfill wishes.

We encourage teachers, classrooms, community organizations, and local faith-based groups with urgent or exceptional needs to post wishes into our Universal Wishing Well. Help may literally be right around the corner!

To post your wish into our Universal Wishing Well:

  • From your city welcome page or tribe page, click Start something new here to open your city hub
  •  Select Share your wish
  • On the form, click Select your audience and check the Universal Wishing Well box
  • Add a Subject that includes a keyword that best describes what you are wishing for
  • Describe your wish in detail, giving others an idea of why fulfilling this wish is important to you
  • You may insert web page URLs into your text
  • Tag your wish with keywords 
  • Attach any images to give your wish more impact
  • Select Post