Youtropolis Support

City hub: Start something new…and let your liberation begin

On Youtropolis, jumping right into the action is the best way to learn your way around and discover how to get the most out of your experience as a liberator. Your city hub, located on your city home page and tribe page, is the place to start.

Click "Take a new action!" to choose the action you'd like to take. Your city hub contains powerful actions designed to heal the world one small action at a time.

You can post:

  • actionable newsflashes to your city News page
  • important wishes that need fulfilling to your Wishing Well
  • knowledge or lessons learned to share in your U of You, and
  • group activities or events to your Event calendar

We help you reach a larger audience by promoting your posts to our Universal Landmarks as shown in images below, or by allowing you to share to other social media. But if you'd rather limit sharing to your tribe, just uncheck the audiences you want to exclude.

Through your city hub, you can also choose to:

  • receive insight into personal matters through creating Tribal Wave polls
  • make a pledge to change a condition in your life or in the world
  • uplift your tribe by adding something fun to your Amusement Park  

Every action you take reveals the kind of liberator you are and the kind of city you've founded.

Since love matters deeply, your hub always allows you to help others, too. From your hub, select "Respond to polls, pledges, & wishes" and you'll be helping others by giving some love, support, or insight in response to meeting their needs. Another way to meet needs is to add items to your city's Recycle Bin that someone in need might value.

For every action you take, you'll earn valuable kindreds that quickly increase your city's weconomy and raise your stature as a liberator. So jump into action and see how quickly your city grows.