Thanks are in order

A lesson struck a chord with me today. “Take what I need not what I want” by Present Valley got me appreciating what life gives me, simple as it is. Sure, I’d like more, but I know it usually amounts to just bells and whistles I can live without. Thanks to this simple lesson, I’m settling into having less. Hard to explain, but for the moment I feel liberated.

As I scrolled through more lessons, I read “Heartfelt harmony and Jane Fondue” by Fort Biblio. If you haven’t visited this city, check it out. The city founder’s a mysterious librarian and walking encyclopedia who shares bits of ancient knowledge with a lighthearted sense of humor. Every lesson gives me something I can apply to my day-to-day concerns and conversations. I don’t know who the librarian is, but I know it’s a woman. The handkerchief at the wedding was a dead giveaway.

Then, I read “Someone wants what you have” by Sanatana. I feel like a lightening bolt struck this city because every lesson seems to be directed at me. This one reminded me to stop overlooking what I have or taking things for granted. She reminded me there’s folks out there who wish they had what I have. It made me want to give some stuff away so someone who needs it could have it. So I’m pledging to add something to the recycle bin later today.

This all got me thinking about this platform. There’s great writing and ideas that sink in and shift my thinking. And I notice there are no ads, no paywalls, no membership fees, I can even read stuff without logging in. It’s like I’m free to roam around and graze on good stuff like a cow in an open pasture. I leave feeling full and energized.

Some time back, I read a lesson from Well Street that talked about not dismissing the nudge. I thought about it while wondering why everything is free on Youtropolis. Then I got the nudge to thank them for their service.

After searching around, I discovered Youtropolis would welcome a donation from me, and directed me to follow the “help us grow” link. In return, I get a cool donor badge on my city. So that’s my additional pledge. I’m following the nudge and will make a donation tomorrow. Anyone want to join me?

Present Valley

Thanks for the "nudge" and your comment. I am happy to join you and make a donation.

You make such a valid point about how much all of us receive for free. Lots of hard work, time, effort and brain power goes on behind the scenes to create all these thought provoking posts for us.

I feel very grateful for everything I read and see on this website from all the contributors. Thank you everyone for helping create a safe space and place to show up.


Thank you for everything you are contributing and have contributed!! And thank you big time for joining this pledge. Every bit of this comment adds up to five-star review for Youtropolis. Nothing makes me happier. Thank you for your love.


It warms my heart that you feel you can be yourself and safely express your thoughts in Youtropolis. I so enjoy your insightful take on simple situations; there's always a lovely surprise in your stories. Thank you so much for all your contributions and your most generous "help us grow" gift. We couldn't do what we do without you.

Well Street

Youtropolis is definitely a refreshing place to spend time.


Love that word! Refreshing is good. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing your huge heart and honest appreciation. Wow! This pledge is truly stunning and means so much to me. We're all about giving love and getting love, and what you've written sums this up beautifully.

P.S. I'm so glad Present Valley has joined in with you!


Thank you for sharing your unique perspective on Youtropolis. Your articles are always interesting and thought-provoking. And a big thank you for following the nudge to "help us grow." Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will help us continue to grow.