The Librarian

Fort Biblio's picture

United States


Language(s) I speak

Dewey Decimal System, English

My heroes

Charlotte Yunge, & all the unsung librarians who, through the ages, dedicated themselve to the preservation of vast repositories of human knowledge.

I love

Books, manuscripts, ancient texts, esoteric knowledge, and maintaining my anonymity.

My blessings

The joyful curating, care, preservation, and love of books.

The Librarian

A miracle I would perform if I could

As the Librarian of Fort Biblio, I would safeguard the sum of all philosophic ideas that foster a deeper human experience and offer wisdom to the poor in spirit.

What I need most

An end to the ungodly plundering of ancient knowledge by marauding life coaches who take freely from long forgotten philosophers, neglecting to give them their proper credit due.

What I have to give

I can best answer this by quoting Francis Bacon: "Some books are to be tasted, others are to be swallowed, and some few are to be chewed and digested.” I hope to create a proper dining space in which you may delight in all.

What liberates me

Quiet days sifting through volumes of long ignored, ancient texts with their marbled boards, culling the most enlightening passages to share with you.

One of my proudest achievements so far

Maintaining my anonymity in solidarity with scores of countless librarians who have brokered power to the world through their carefully curated library collections.