Elisa Charouhas

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United States


Language(s) I speak


My heroes

Those who speak truth to power

I love

Music, laughter, kindness, peace of mind, chocolate cake, and my precious extended family

My blessings

Those who shower me with constant love.

Elisa Charouhas

A miracle I would perform if I could

End greed and malice.

What I need most

To live in community where civility and truth rule the day.

What I have to give

I can encourage you to follow your heart, confront a roadblock, take a chance, and trust the promptings of your inner voice with confidence.

What liberates me

The freedom to live true to myself and follow my own path, uplift others along the way, know with certainty that a benevolent force has my back.

One of my proudest achievements so far

Working day by day with Mark and Marlee to bring Youtropolis into the world.