Amazing Grace

Younited Front Pledge

This week, through the grace of God and the powers of negotiation, we’ve seen the first release of women, children, and men held captive by Hamas for seven weeks. This brings a small ray of hope that conflicts can potentially be mitigated through diplomatic and humanitarian means.

Would the release of hostages have taken place had the world not been free to express its moral outrage? Likely not. The beliefs of the majority still hold sway over the leaders of the world’s democracies. This collective voice, so loud and clear, can only be seen as the grace of God at work. Ask and you shall receive.

For this week’s Listening For Peace pledge, I’ve chosen “Amazing Grace” performed by Nana Mouskouri and Gospel for 100 Voices.

The hymn was written by John Newton, a former captain of slave ships and investor in the slave trade, who following his conversion to Christianity said: “I hope it will always be a subject of great humiliating reflection for me that I was once an active instrument in a business at which my heart shudders.”

We can only pray that those who enable, justify, or participate in any form of enslavement will find God's grace within and experience their own personal conversion away from darkness.

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Wilsons Grave

Very nice. Thanks for the music.


Your post really hit home for me. There's not much "Love thy neighbor as thyself" going on anywhere in the world. Thank you for your words and the music; it's "goosebumps" beautiful.

Well Street

I didn't know the origins of Amazing Grace. Truth be told, the line "saved a wretch like me" always bothered me.
However, knowing Newton's involvement in the slave trade and eventual redemption shines a new light on the lyrics for me to appreciate.

Thank you!


This is my contribution this week to your Listening for Peace pledge: I very much enjoy all this beautiful music and your moving posts.