How the Weconomy Works

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How the Weconomy Works

How the Weconomy Works

Ignite radical change through Youtropolis' collaborative, social Weconomy.
What is the Weconomy?

Everyone deserves a fair shake in life. Yet, around the world, people are struggling to make it. The old ladders to success have been discarded, the brass rings have been tarnished, and too many pockets have gone empty. Instead, 1% of the world's population has grabbed the majority of the world's wealth, and they aren't sharing. 

It's time to participate in economic rebellion

Our Weconomy offers a people-centered, alternative ecosystem of exchange and reward that's built on the simple truth that extraordinary power is personally achievable through people, not money. Only people can value you, money can't. 

Our Weconomy adds the "we" back into the economy, giving you a revolutionary path to liberation that engages you in social interactions designed to build your economic might and bring you to power.

How it works
  • Our Weconomy thrives on love. Ninety nine percent of people value love over money, making it the world's most powerful currency.  Love is exchangeable, sustainable, and renewable, so the supply is always high, and because it's highly desirable, it's never in short demand. 
  • Love is our Weconomy's currency and its bottom line. When you give love through the actions you take, your city exponentially expands--as does your city's Municipal Fund.
  • When you sign up, your Municipal Fund opens, giving you a portfolio of seven natural resources to cultivate and grow. As these natural resources emerge through the actions you take, your new land of opportunity grows into it's own powerful city–the city of You
  • Whether you act to form new alliances, build your city's population, collaborate on new opportunities, share news, or uplift those in need, your actions also expand your city's Weconomy while promoting your success in the world.
How you benefit

The Weconomy provides a new platform for personal liberation and growth through the cultivation and management of your city's Municipal Fund portfolio of assets. Here's how:

  • Through your Genius Fund, you'll establish a distinct city culture to raise awareness of who you are, what you're about, and what you have to offer the world, giving other liberators incentives to trade with you. 
  • Through your Mover & Shaker fund, you'll grow your social safety net and trade alliances by connecting with other liberators who will invest time and energy in fulfilling your wishes and pledges to move you closer to your dreams.
  • Through your Peacemaker Fund, you'll contribute to peace in the world and negotiate peace in your own life by managing your instincts and accessing intuitive powers that promote success in all areas of life. 
  • Through your Philanthropist Fund, you'll develop an altruistic spirit by sharing your love and wisdom to help those in need rise up to overcome personal challenges and barriers to success.
  • Through your Philosopher Fund, you'll share your news, thoughts, and sentiments to promote goodwill, wellbeing, and happiness to reflect the heart and soul of your city. 
  • Through your Power Broker Fund, you'll help others climb the ladder of success through seeding your own wisdom and knowledge and imparting it to others through your city's U of You.
  • Through your Trailblazer Fund, you'll travel to new lands of opportunity where you'll meet new people, explore unique cities, and form powerful trade alliances with other dynamic liberators.