Earn and award kindreds

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Earn and award kindreds

Earn and award kindreds

Kindreds are Youtropolis' social currency, earned by taking qualifying actions in your Municipal Fund. As your Municipal Fund increases in value, you also gain status as a liberator through the actions you take in each of the seven liberator funds.

Though status can't be bought, kindreds are also valuable in Youtropolis' marketplace, which means you can transfer any amount directly to any other liberator to reward them for helping you, thank them for posting something you liked, lift their spirits, or negotiate “stuff” with them.
Your payment schedule

Kindreds are deposited directly into your city's Municipal Fund:

  • whenever you take an action in any of your seven Liberation Funds
  • when anyone awards kindreds to you in the fund of their choice
  • when others post to your Younited Front or comment on your posts
  • when you earn special dividends based on achieving monthly benchmarks

To see how much you can earn based on the type of action you take: 

  • Select Municipal Fund under the 3 dot Manage menu 
  • Click the Payment Schedule link


Your earnings to date

Your current blance and earnings to date table allows you to:

  • check your current kindreds balance in each of your seven Liberation Funds
  • view the amount of kindreds you've earned to date in each of your Liberation Funds

The difference between the two amounts reflects the amount in each category that you have contributed to others. 

To view your current balance and earnings to date:

  • Select Municipal Fund under the 3 dot Manage menu 
  • Click the Current balance link 
Your earnings history

Your transaction page provides an ongoing detailed record of your earnings. It includes a listing of:

  • the amount of kindreds earned for each action taken
  • the date the kindreds were earned
  • the specific action taken that earned the kindreds
  • the Liberation Fund into which the kindreds earned were deposited  

To view your transaction detail:

  • Select Municipal Fund under the 3 dot Manage menu
  • Click the Transactions link
Earn dividends!

If you are displaying heroic efforts to liberate yourself or others through Municipal Fund activities, Youtropolis will deposit a Municipal Fund dividend into your Philanthropist Liberation Fund every month! 

To qualify for your dividend, just earn 2500 kindreds during a calendar month through the actions you take.

Earning a dividend is also a great way to reward your city tribe. For every dividend you earn, each tribe member also benefits, earning their own special dividend for contributing to your city's liberation goals. When you profit, they profit–a perfect way to thank them and keep them engaged in your activities.

You'll receive a larger dividend whenever any of your trade alliances earn 2500 kindreds during a calendar month. It's our way of respecting you for going the extra mile to invest in someone else's success.

The amount of your dividend will be calculated as follows:

  • when you earn 2500 kindreds during a calendar month, you'll receive a 250 kindred dividend
  • when any of your trade alliances earn 2500 kindreds during a calendar month, you'll receive an additional 250 kindreds
  • when you earn 2500 kindreds during a calendar month, each member of your tribe will also receive 250 kindreds
  • your total dividend will be 10% of the sum total of each growth increment of 2500 kindreds earned by you and your trade alliances for the previous calendar month combined (e.g., if you earned 2500 kindreds during the calendar month , and two of your trade alliances earned 2500 during the same period, the total dividend you will earn will be 10% of 7500 kindreds which equals 750 kindreds
  • earned dividend amounts are excluded from growth calculations
  • only kindreds earned through your Municipal Fund are included into the dividend calculation, therefore kindreds awarded to you by other city founders are excluded from dividend calculations

Whenever you receive a dividend, you will be notified via email.