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  • Own up to your genius.

Believe that you can be brilliant in any given moment, whether you can fathom it or not. If you own that, watch out world: things you say and do will turn heads. Believe that. And when you’re faced with a challenge, wait for those surprising solutions to spring to mind. That’s genius giving you a heads up. When others call you “genius”, don’t pretend it’s flattery. Use your gift to help others out of a tough spot–or amuse them so they can laugh, too. There’s going to be that ripple effect that even you can’t ignore. Watch for it. Then, if you still don’t believe there's more to you than meets the eye, take heart. It takes time to embrace the truth and liberate every doubt. But keep rising for everyone’s sake.

  • Make the world your shelter.

Build your life in the company of others. That way, you’ll lift others up as you rise up. Stay grounded and keep moving forward, even if you’re not sure where to turn next. Someone will help you. Shake things up. Make some waves. Liberate yourself from walls, glass ceilings, and those who prey on you or imagine you have limits. Proclaim your big dreams. Pursue them unabashed, unapologetic, undaunted. Move mountains, shake trees, pound pavements. Do it for yourself, do it for others. You’ll be glad you did. No matter what, have fun, take some breathers. Then, keep going, give more love, accept more love, and always keep your dignity.

  • Keep the peace.

Claim the higher power of peace, always. It will liberate you when you face troubles. It will keep you out of trouble. Be unshakeable in the presence of bullies: they are part of life. Stand tall, until they stand down. Then, find ways to make peace with yourself, and with others. And when things get out of hand, raise the peace flag again and again. Be a peacemaker in your community, and help pave the way for peace when others can’t do it for themselves. Be sure to create rules for your own peace of mind. Don’t break them. Peace is everything. Peacemakers always rule.

  • Be generous.

Whether you’re rich, poor, or in between, give. Give from your heart, first and foremost: give patience, hope, courage, a comforting hug. Give with intention: offer your undivided attention, a firm handshake, your respect and admiration. Give with purpose: share knowledge, create dialog, offer insights without holding back. Give unconditionally: open doors of opportunity with no strings attached. It will liberate you. Give like you mean it: go the extra mile to share your offering. No matter what you give, it won’t soon be forgotten. So give abundantly: compassion, kind words, smiles, praise, and love. This will be your most important legacy.

  • Create mental magic.

Waste no time on booing yourself or others when things go south. It changes nothing. You owe it to yourself to calm down, quiet your mind, and listen to your inner sage who stands ready to offer you wisdom. If it suggests you take a positive action, follow the advice–even if it doesn’t make perfect sense. There’s magic in it, always. And, in the end, it will lighten your heart, liberate your spirit, and give you the victory. Believe it. So don’t think small, scheme, or plot. Think magic instead. It’s waiting for you. Don’t complain, blame, or diss others. Think inner sage. It has a better plan for you. Always.

  • Trigger new fortunes.

Stand for love instead of leaning left or right. Love is the constant agent of change and companion of new fortunes. Advocate for democracy. Democracy, alone, will unleash prosperity for every member of the human family. And where there’s blight, make things right, by investing in others, by teaching others your own secrets to success. Don’t retaliate in the face of injustice. Liberate the world one person at a time, one action at a time. There’s no time for inciting, fighting, or rioting. Rather, shine a light that leads to growth. Be a power broker wherever you can. If you do that, if everyone does that, new fortunes will rise and flow through communities around the world.

  • Go there.

There’s more in life for everyone, even you. So, whatever calls to you, rise up and go there. You’ll be stronger for the effort. If you fear you’re out of your league, go there anyhow–and be the trailblazer who learns to face the impossible.Take the high road wherever you go, no matter what. And stand up to those who claim you don’t belong. If you’re fearless, you’ll be the one to open the road so others can follow. And if you still imagine there’s more for you, keep going, letting no one hold you back. You know who you’re meant to be. So go forward with heart and determination. Along the way, you’ll get what you’re truly made of.