Why Has A Question Mark Appeared in Outer Space?

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Nasa has discovered a question mark beaming back at us. They are trying to understand what it means. There are theories. While they speculate, maybe we should all look beyond the science and consider that the heavens are messaging us—trying to ask us something important.

There could be many reasons for the appearance of a spectacular, naturally born question mark in the sky, but why at this time?

Possibly creation has noticed something’s askew with our planet. We’re in the throes of major climate disasters. Democratic values are collapsing. A pandemic is still chasing after us. We are witnessing massive migrations due to starvation, fires, crime, or war. And America’s become a turbulent landfill of mass shootings.

There are a few people at the top who should be thinking about the question mark. Maybe its appearance is directed at them, like a red light to stop and look around and ask themselves why they aren’t doing more to fix the issues before putting their foot back on the gas. Maybe the question mark is for the rest of us, too. Maybe we should be asking ourselves why, as a majority, we remain too divided to stop the insatiable drive for profits of those few at the top.

Everyone seems to be focused right now on the big lie. But this astronaut talks about a different big lie. Maybe the question mark in the sky is asking us to learn more about this other big lie—and heed his profound insights and warning.


This fascinating! It is truly a question mark! Wow! I wonder what it means and who or what placed it there.


I'm sure whatever is out there is definitely questioning what we're doing. Astronaut Ron Garan's view seems like a good start. I was moved by what he said.

Well Street

It's encouraging that a man with his unique experiences and perspectives feels optimistic about "a blossoming of unity across our planet and a blossoming awareness of our interdependent nature."

Also encouraging is his belief that a critical mass of this awareness will be realized and we'll work cohesively to solve the planet's problems.

That cohesion is represented here at Youtropolis, as we channel our energies into adding light to people's lives.



Couldn't have said it better myself.