Watch The Last Repair Shop—2024 Oscar Winner Short

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It’s no surprise this film won an Oscar for best documentary short earlier this year. It's a masterpiece, bar none, and your ticket to go on an emotional journey filled with ups and downs that reach deep into the heart of the human experience.

Rich with up-close interviews, the powerful stories told will uplift you, teach you something you didn’t know, and bring you to tears while putting you in the company of some very unique people. You’ll also walk away feeling that a deeper love lives within every one, and we can hold that love even for strangers we’ve never met, because through our shared hopes and sorrows we are each connected to each other.


Uplifting and heart warming documentary! Just what the doctor ordered!
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I loved this; it made me feel so good! The stories that were told were so heartfelt and charming.
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It does make an impact--the good kind that these times call for.