Wait! You’re buying that? Why?

News Flash

Let’s face it. It’s fun to buy stuff. Whether it’s buying a trip to Tahiti, a new Harley, or the latest pair of New Balance sneakers, life is about grabbing as much as one can no matter what age you are. From kids who crave toys to octogenarians gobbling up life-extending supplements or European river cruises, purchases are not only part and parcel to being human, they also give us a lift. But why?

In a new study, researchers sought to answer the question by conducting a survey and evaluating  participant’s motivations for making recent purchases. Think you know all the reasons for spending your hard earned cash on the things you do? There may be deeper motivations you’re not aware of. Read about it in the Greater Good Magazine.


Interesting article. The difference between extrinsic and intrinsic shopping made a lot of sense. Spending money on what's really important to us makes for a much richer life.

Well Street

There's an interesting correlation between motivations to spend money and those for exercising.

When people exercise for an extrinsic goal like a reunion, wedding, or vacation, they're pretty fired up. However, once the event has passed, the motivation to continue exercising also passes.

Those in it for the long haul typically have intrinsic goals like improving self-esteem, increasing energy to keep up with kids, or being a positive role model.
They also have a deeper appreciation for their efforts.


Yes, that makes sense.


Sounds like intrinsic is a soulful motivation, while extrinsic is ego-driven.