Senate Votes Down A Woman’s Right To Contraception

News Flash

A new bill that would have prevented states from outlawing hormonal birth control and intrauterine devices failed in the Senate after most Republican Senators either voted against it or didn't show up to vote.

Although Republicans supposedly voted against the bill on the premise there are no threats to contraception, many red states have already pushed legislation that would limit a right to the morning-after pill, and Alabama’s Supreme Court ruled that embryos created by IVF are children.

Last year, a Gallup poll revealed that 88 percent of Americans believe birth control is morally acceptable, including 86 percent of Republicans and 93 percent of Democrats.

So why would Republican senators, excepting Maine Sen. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, vote against guaranteeing a woman’s right to birth control after the Republican Supreme Court effectively rescinded a woman’s right to choose? This question merits a deeper dive into who is filling their campaign coffers. See the vote count here.



These Senators and their constituencies are the same ones who think wearing a mask during a pandemic is infringing on your rights. They're ridiculous! I hope the sane women that are left in this country vote these people out before women also lose the right to vote.

Well Street

Some in the GOP argue that this No Vote is about states' rights and smaller government, but it's clear the evangelical influence and the push to turn back the clock are at work.

I, too, hope the actions taken to diminish women's rights will be a galvanizing factor come November for sanity to prevail.