Our New Liberation Declaration

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Western, democratic societies have given us our way of living. Unlike tribal communities, we pride ourselves on modern notions of rugged individuality and do our best to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, live independently, and rely on our own good judgment to achieve success. But this way of living is now failing us. 

Today, catastrophic changes around the world are uprooting communities where economies once thrived. More families are struggling to survive in the wealthiest of nations as the world becomes more unfit to live in. Consequently, people are imagining the arrival of a glorified savior—a strongman or superman who will come to their rescue. But no such man exists. Strongmen always turn out to be straw men.

What we need is a more genuine leader—a liberator who lies within each of us. Today, we introduce Youtropolis’ Liberation Declaration. It’s our global statement of faith in all people and our collective power to forge ahead in solidarity with each other, jointly imagining and co-creating a more precious and hospitable world in which everyone can thrive equally and enjoy life to the full. 

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Well Street

Solidarity, defined as "an entire union of interests and responsibilities, fellowship, and community," is precisely what this country and the world need.

The emotional high and optimism felt after an election quickly wane when the collective will of the people goes largely unaddressed, one administration after another.

Thank you for this powerful statement of faith in people and our ability to make a difference when the liberator within is brought forth. I'm happy to be part of it.