Not All Hope is Lost

News Flash

We have just witnessed a stunning victory in a landmark climate trial brought against the state of Montana by sixteen young people age 5 to 22 who sued the state for violating its constitution which states: 
“The state and each person shall maintain and improve a clean and healthful environment in Montana for present and future generations.”

Montana has notoriously created laws that consistently promote fossil fuels and perpetuate actions that increase the potential for climate disasters. As the nation’s first constitutional climate trial, the young plaintiff’s victory opens the way for future legal actions targeting states that continue to pursue destructive environmental policies that are harmful to human life. Read more in CNN.


I've been reading about this case and was happy to hear they won. Fortunately, their constitution has language to support their suit and their victory. This could jump-start the youth in other states to take the same action. Yay for them!


This is great! I believe that it is today's youth that will save the rest of us idiots!

Well Street

How admirable and encouraging these young people, who forsee a future with significant environmental challenges, took such courageous action.

It can be easy to categorize today's youth as a distracted and device-addicted generation, but those featured in this article inspire optimism, and some may become future leaders.


It's time for them to take the lead. We had our chance and haven't done anything to turn things around. My hope for the future of our planet lies with them.


We can thank Greta Thunberg for beating the drum and being a lightning rod for today's youth. But most likely the fossil fuel industry lobbyists are circling their wagons trying to avert another such landmark decision.