Meet Liberator and Pioneer Juan Carulla Figueres

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Juan Carulla Figueres is a centenarian, vegetarian, pacifist, and lifelong, self-proclaimed generator of love. He is also the acclaimed pioneer of organic farming after having constructed the first roof garden in Barcelona 65 years ago. Today his roof garden is a sophisticated marvel that nourishes over 40 fruit trees, grape vines and more. School children routinely visit the garden to nourish their hunger for knowledge about plant life and the importance of caring for it.

Attributing his long life to his love of plants, living cleanly, and "because I have banished envy and hatred from my mind,” Juan Carulla Figueres, is this week's noteworthy liberator who continues to fulfill his promise β€œto do as much good as possible for humanity.” Watch video and read more in The Guardian.


I love this fellow's attitude and what he's achieved. And, I want to visit his garden in Barcelona 😊


Post that hope as a wish, and maybe some kind person in Barcelona will invite you to stay with them.

Well Street

I'd be very interested in reading his book. There's much to learn from the thoughts of a man who's been strongly connected to the Earth for decades and has banished envy and hatred from his heart.


A heart so full with love for nature has no room for envy or hatred.