Making This One Change Leads to More Happiness

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If people could change one thing in their lives to feel happier, what might it be? A researcher conducted a study over the course of decades to discover the answer. No, it’s not meditation, traveling the world, or having a higher paying job. It’s something we can all do. Read more in LAist.


I totally agree. Good relationships are so important. That's why if you have toxic ones, boot them out of your life. Don't spend good energy on them, instead concentrate on the relationships that lift you up. That's time well spent.


This was a fantastic article and so true. Our relationships with other people is the source of true happiness!

Well Street

Just last night I had a call with a friend I hadn't spoken with in several months. I felt an uplift in my mood that coincides with the benefits this article talks about.
Reaching out and connecting will be more of a priority for me.


The most satisfying friendships for me are those where conversations are meaningful, and where both parties care for each other in supportive ways over the course of time.