Liberation in Action: Hero Lily Baker

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Usually, men are celebrated as heroes, so chances are 18-year-old Lily Baker had never imagined that word describing her. But when she noticed a woman struggling to get her wheelchair unstuck from the tracks in the middle of a railroad crossing, she instinctively took immediate action at great risk to herself.

With the train quickly approaching, she had a choice to make. Could she free the woman from her perilous predicament, or was she just putting herself in harm’s way?

Imagine being in her situation. Would you have put yourself on the line? Read more in People


Well Street

I watched an interview with her, and her mindset of "Of course, I was going to help her" really is the stuff heroes are made of.

Never having been in a situation like Lily's, I'd like to say I would spring into action to help someone in a life-or-death situation like an oncoming train. If I am honest, I can't say with certainty that my brain and body wouldn't freeze.


Definitely a hero, a real hero. Not like the fake ones that strut around, acting tough, but do nothing to help or to make a difference. Lily is the genuine article.


I truly believe that heroism comes from love and the feeling of doing the right thing. Sometimes there's an invisible force moving us to action, but still it comes from love. Love is the absence of fear, where the courage the lies within us is free to take noble, even dangerous action.