A Fake Climate Change Theory Goes Viral on TikTok

News Flash

Have the end times finally arrived? Is climate change going to trigger a sudden and catastrophic reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles?

Joe Rogan fans quickly took to TikTok to post doomsday videos after learning of the “Adam and Eve” theory during one of his podcasts. According to the videos, the cataclysmic, end-of-times event may be around the corner since the Earth will do a 90-degree flip, bringing with it 1000-miles-an-hour winds and fatal global warming. How much of this is true and how much is fake? Get the real scoop in The Verge.


It's clear that some people will do and say anything to get in the press and be in the news. The truth about what's scientifically happening with the climate is scary enough, we don't need to add total craziness to the mix. We need to be more responsible with who gets seen and heard.