Daniel Ellsberg: Liberator and National Treasure

News Flash

If there is anyone who epitomizes the character of a liberator, it is Daniel Ellsberg who in 1969 gladly accepted the risk of spending the rest of his life in jail by leaking the pentagon papers. His hope was to end the Vietnam War. He passed away on June 16. He was 92.

Many Americans can’t appreciate the service he gave to our country because the full story of his achievement is not openly discussed within mainstream news media outlets. But in this last interview with his friend, Martin Hellman, Ellsberg leaves us with a heartfelt message and stark warning about nations inching closer to what some of today’s leaders view as an acceptable nuclear war.

Daniel Ellsberg was courageous and honorable throughout his life. Because he cared about humanity and did what he felt was necessary to protect it, he is a man to emulate and learn from.

Read his message to us and future generations in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.


Scaling back on the nuclear gear we currently have would be a good start. The "Mine's bigger than yours" posturing is ridiculous given what's at stake.
Dan says, "...miracles do happen..." From his lips to God's ears, I hope this one does.