Blow Your Mind And Live Ten Years Longer

News Flash

No, we’re not talking about microdosing or doing drugs, unless you consider art to be your drug of choice.

Around the world, doctors are prescribing monthly visits to art museums as medicine to boost their patients’ immune systems, reduce stress, and overcome illness.

If the urge to make art or experience it has seized you, it’s likely your body is asking for a fix, a literal bodily fix that promotes longevity and wellness. So don’t ignore it.

A growing body of evidence has revealed that any form of art, whether making it or experiencing it, will positively rewire your brain and give your body the boost it needs. Read more here.

Image: The Rainbow, painted by Grandma Moses at age 101

Well Street

I will share this article with a couple of my clients who have homes full of art, regularly attend international art fairs, and one of whom is on the board of a large museum in Los Angeles.

We're fortunate to be learning how things like nature, birdsong, and art can benefit our health on several levels.

Thank you for sharing this important news.


I agree that art exhibits are very uplifting. Even if I don't always "get" what the artist is conveying, I always feel uplifted when I leave an exhibit. I'm happy to report I'll be enjoying a visit to LACMA this weekend.