Your Worst Enemy!


We typically believe that our enemies are out there in the world waiting to strike. Be it the checker at the grocery store, a neighbor, a co-worker, even a family member. And while that may be true, our biggest enemy lives within us.

He criticizes us. He judges us. He makes us second guess ourselves. He puts us down, for no good reason. He calls us names and compares us with other people who are "better" than us.

Yeah, that's the true enemy. And the worst part ... is that we're with that part of us 24/7, especially at night when we're trying to rest.

It's important to know who the true enemy is. That way we can be on guard. We can pay attention to the thoughts that put us down and criticize us. And then we can put a stop to them. Show them who's in charge.

There may some enemies out in the world who take it out on us because they might be having a bad day, but there they're no comparison to the enemy we house within us.

Let's be gentle with ourselves. Let's love ourselves enough to not continuously put ourselves down, or criticize ourselves for simply being human.

Identify the true enemy and eradicate him! Yesterday!


Good message. We may think that "flogging" ourselves will make us strong, but the result is actually the opposite. It tears us down. Kind words work miracles.


Yes! I believe we all need to be kinder to ourselves.


Why does anyone do this? Is it like using a stick instead of a carrot? What does one get out of it? I've noticed that people who judge others judge themselves pretty harshly and vice versa.


Yes, you're right. People do this because it's habitual. And they believe it. So repeating those phrases creates cognitive consonance. It's something with which people feel comfortable. But those negative words and phrases make unreal things seem real if you say them long enough.

Tin Cup

I agree, a kind hand trumps an angry fist.