There are two words that require more forethought than any other words, and that's "Yes" and "No." These words may seem simple and insignificant, but each one holds a lot of weight and power.

We often say yes too readily without wanting to because we're afraid. This is especially true for people pleasers. Or we say no to something that could be a huge opportunity because we're afraid.

In either case, we may be losing out.

Think carefully before you say yes. Is it something you really want to do? Will it be in your best interest? Why are you saying yes?

Think carefully before saying no. Are you too afraid of the outcome? Will you be stepping out of your comfort zone? Are you perhaps losing an opportunity for growth?

Next time you're required to answer with a yes or no, don't just blurt out the answer without giving it the proper consideration. It may turn out that saying yes will get you a promotion, and saying no, some much-needed time alone.

Tin Cup

I agree fully, I have had several of those moments.
I also found that at a time I felt the ego getting in the way to , that led to a more unfavorable out come.


That damn Ego. It wants so much attention! Good you caught yourself.


Proper consideration is really important. Also, checking in with your intuition rather than relying solely on your logic might save you from making a misstep. Thanks for the article!


This is really where the Tribal Wave poll can be helpful to anyone. The poll allows you to ask only yes/no questions that begin with Should I...and end with a question mark. The tribe weighs in with a collective response. It's a helpful tool for anyone who's unsure of whether they should say yes to something (or someone) or no.


You're right about that.

Well Street

Before starting my own business, I was asked to join the management team at my last job. My initial reaction was to say No, as it would come with significantly more responsibilities and add to an already full workload.
I considered the offer for a day and accepted it. Though it wasn't my dream job, I learned a lot and appreciated stepping out of the familiar.

The Tribal Wave Poll has been helpful to me a number of times in my decision-making process.