We often go through our days fast and as if by rote. When we do slow down, it's usually because we're not feeling well. Maybe due to an injury, virus, or an unexpected event.

I suggest we all take time to reflect on what's really valuable in our lives. What gives our lives meaning?

Once we establish that, we can begin prioritizing differently.

It's not always easy. Life is always pushing and pulling; usually leaving us exhausted and overwhelmed by the many daunting tasks before us. At the end of the day, however, and when the end comes, what do wish we'd done more of? Be with friends? Go for walks in the sun? Dance while no one is watching? Laugh at a funny movie or sitcom?

You might think I'm being unrealistic. And perhaps I am a bit. But hey, we have to try to prioritize what's important. If not now, when?


I don't think you're being unrealistic, just maybe idealistic in the sense that many people feel trapped and unable to follow your advice.

Most people, but not all, are on this planet slaving away to duty, responsibility, feeding the family, and living up to the Joneses. They even convince themselves that this daily churn gives their life meaning.

When they try to take time to themselves due to exhaustion or illness, someone—a boss, spouse, or ailing parent—will soon remind them that they're not living up to their duties. So they buckle back down with guilt or resentment.

My personal solution is to follow my inner voice. That's my highest power and why should I ignore it? It still keeps me very busy, but I've never been much of a restoholic anyhow. I value it, enjoy it, and find purpose in following it.

Thanks for the reminder and asking us all to reflect on this. It's always time well spent! ❤️


Updating our checklist to include giving love to our family, sending an uplifting text to a friend, helping a stranger, or going for a walk will give us more joy as we go through our day. Thanks for the reminder!

Well Street

"How important will (fill in the blank) feel while on my deathbed," is a question that's popped into my head more than once lately regarding prioritization, busyness, and duties.

I agree that you're not being unrealistic and that we can take time to honor what's important to our spirit while handling our responsibilities.


I love that question. Asking that sure will put things into perspective, won't it?