We all have our share of problems. And we normally consider them a bad thing. But are they always? A problem may be a way of waking us up out of a deep slumber. Maybe you've been ignoring something which has needed attention. The problem may be the very thing that calls your awareness to the very thing you need to take care of.

Problems arise to wake us up. What if we began perceiving problems as an invitation? An invitation to take care of things; to perhaps think outside the box, and do something that has maybe kept us stuck out of fear.

Sometimes a problem is just one aspect of a much broader purpose.

Here's an example, "When young eaglets reach a certain point of maturity, their mother gradually decreases the amount of food she brings them daily, and she begins to remove straws from their nest. The mother makes the babies hungry to find their own food, and undoes their resting place. From a limited perspective her actions surely seem cruel, but when understood, she is giving her children the greatest gift possible: their own strength and freedom." (Alan Cohen, I Had It All the Time).

Next time a problem arises, let's pause. What is this problem trying to tell us? What needs to be done? It is for the purpose of growth? In most cases it is.

Should a problem come up in your life, welcome it with open arms. It may not be pleasant, but I bet it will be an impetus for some type of forward movement.


Excellent perspective, and worth of adoption. Thanks for posting!


Opportunities for personal growth! May feel like growing pains at times,,,but well worth it when looking in the rear view mirror!


Where there's smoke, there's fire, and the smoke alerts us to the fire. Problems are like smoke in some cases...