Just Being!


How many of you find time for just being? Just being and doing nothing? I know that for me personally, taking time for just being is a struggle. For some reason, which still remains a mystery, I feel guilty if I'm sitting around doing something "fun," such as reading, painting, crocheting, or simply watching a movie on Netflix. The longer I sit around, the guiltier I become. I start internally pushing myself to "do something." And by do something, I mean something that I deem "productive" in some way.

I would like to drop the idea of constantly doing, which includes thinking, concentrating, and even contemplating. All of these seem innocuous enough, but the mind is actually planning, assuming, and formulating some type of active plan to do something else besides just being.

If you struggle with just being, I'd like to hear about it. If you did and beat it, I'd like to hear about it.

Guilt for doing something I love just doesn't seem like a good thing. After all, the day I'm headed to meet my Maker, I very much doubt I'm going to regret all the productivity I could have accomplished. I sense I'm going to regret all the joy I could have had instead.

TranZen Homestead

Thank you so much for you being! :)
I appreciate you stating the relaxing and productive aspects of just chillin. Me 'being', is working out because it brings me peace and my mind is being open to ideas about everything.



If working brings you peace, then more power to you. That means you love your work. As they say, "If you love your work, you'll never work a day in your life." Thank you for your feedback.


Having been raised with expectations of always being productive, sitting still and just being is hard for me. I guess the closest I get to just being is a neighborhood walk to contemplate circumstances and chat with God about life…and life’s lessons! Maybe some day I’ll not feel guilty about just being. 🙏🏼


Why don't we work on this together. In my case, it was a little different. My parents didn't expect me to be constantly productive, but my dad was always working on something when he wasn't "working." He had many talents and I watched him develop them all. It's not a surprise, then, that I came out just like him. Jack of all trades, master of none. I am going to work on just being and not feeling for enjoy the things that bring me so much joy!


I say go outside, lay in the sun and do what you want to do 🐶


That sounds like wise advise. I love walking in the sun. Listening to a good book on Audible and sometimes even laughing out loud at my Rom Coms.


The internal critic will never let up, and the bar will always be raised so we can never do enough or be enough to win its approval.

If you feel you will one day regret that you chose productivity over joy too often, start going for more joy immediately. You won't regret it.


You're right and that's on what I'm working!!! : ) I'll get there.


This is a common issue. Maybe it's rooted in a belief that there's no value to sitting and relaxing.

As Americans, we're told early on that we must strive to get ahead and relaxing is for "lazy" people. The admonition was always if you don't take the bull by the horn, others will get ahead and you won't. Carpe diem.

But, it's very well known now that down time, such as a sabbatical, be it for a day or weeks, is not only healing to our mind, body, and soul, but also brings out the genius in us. Ideas start to flow and you'll feel more hopeful. Ultimately, it's best to let your intuition guide you on when to work and when to chill. It works for me.


You're right. I'm working on letting my intuition guide me. More and more I'm doing things are bring me fulfillment, putting the guilt aside. I tell myself, "Women your age are often retired by now. You could be one of those women enjoying doing what you love best." That makes me feel way less guilty!

Well Street

A client told me when she was growing up, unless she was doing homework, her father forbade her from merely sitting around and must always be productive. You can imagine her struggles with taking down time, even when she knows it's what she needs.

I have my battles with the "I'm not doing enough" gremlin, but I don't guilt myself if I do some pleasure reading or watch a couple of TV shows on Saturday.